Almagul’s GoldenHands…

Once Almagul Derkembaeva worked as a seamstress.  And she dreamed about establishing her own sewing workshop and providing her children with a good education.

The young woman has five children.  In order to put children on their feet Almagul worked tirelessly.  Working as a seamstress for 10 years Almagul decided to open her own sewing workshop at home.  In May 2013 Almagul turned to microfinance company “INCOM” for her first loan and opened a sewing workshop.  Then Almagul took the next loan with which she succeeded in turnover increasing.  As of today Almagul is one of the “INCOM” successful clients.

In the near future Almagul plans to build own workshop and buy sewing machines.  And thereby provide new jobs.  And in her spare time Almagul likes cooking and babysitting with grandchildren.

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