• Pay24


    The payment system «Pay24» was created in 2014, from the beginning it has been operating in the payment acceptance market. In 2015, the Company received two licenses from the National Bank of the Kyrgyz Republic. Today, the payment system is developing dynamically and is the leader in the payment acceptance market in the Kyrgyz Republic. With the help of various payment...
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  • Balance.kg


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  • Kyrgyz-Swiss Bank CJSC (KSB)

    Kyrgyz-Swiss Bank CJSC (KSB)

    Being the first and only bank in the country with Swiss capital, KSB offers tailored banking solutions for corporate, institutional and private clients in Kyrgyz Republic. The bank also offers financial and consulting services. KSB continues to follow its development strategy, the main goal of which is to build long-term relationships with customers while meeting their financial needs....
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  • Aiyl Bank

    Aiyl Bank

    Айыл Банк – один из крупнейших финансовых институтов страны, реализующий государственные программы по развитию агросектора, а также предоставляющий полный перечень качественных банковских услуг, включающий обслуживание частных и корпоративных клиентов, инвестиционный банковский бизнес, торговое финансирование и управление активами. Айыл Банк обладает: высоким...
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  • Keremet bank

    Keremet bank

    Date of first registration of the Bank is the 20th December 2010 - "Zalkar Bank" OJSC was established on the basis of the assets and liabilities of  "AsiaUniversalBank" OJSC ("AUB") which were transferred to the new Bank based on the decision of the founder and the special administrator of AUB, the Agency for Bank Reorganization and Debt Restructuring DEBRA....
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  • Elsom


    Mobile financial services (MFS) offer you to carry out financial operations through an e-wallet ELSOM and a bank settlement account using a mobile. These services are mainly intended for unbanked population. The e-wallet ELSOM – is a virtual account represented by the mobile number enabling to make payments, to deposit, to transfer and to withdraw money in an electronic...
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  • OYUL AFKU CIB “Ishenim”

    OYUL AFKU CIB “Ishenim”

    “Ishenim” is the first post-soviet credit bureau in the CIS that issued the credit reports.  The bureau was founded in March 2003 with the financial support of EuropAid.  In February of the following year it released its first report containing only negative information.  In order to enter the scoring system the “Ishenim” bureau began collecting positive...
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  • LLC “DE URE consult”

    LLC “DE URE consult”

    Legal company “DE URE consult” is the main partner on legal support for CJS MFC“INCOM”. Specialists of the legal company “DE URE consult” have an extensive experience in the following services: - oral and written legal advice - subscription service for entities (outsourcing) - legal support in receiving certificates and licenses...
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  • Microcredit Company  “Frontiers”

    Microcredit Company “Frontiers”

    Microcredit Company “Frontiers” was established in July 2003 by the American NGO ACDI/VOCA dealing with issues of social and economic assistance to developing countries.  The purpose of the company was to solve the urgent need of Central Asian market for a full wholesale creditor and, accordingly, its objective is to support the development of microfinance institutions...
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