• Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today

    Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today

    For four years, a resident of Osh Abdumanapova Gulziya engaged in cultivation of different varieties of apples. Today Gulziya -The owner of a blossoming orchard. On his first loan Gulziya purchased seedlings and planted garden, which today is a source of income for his family. In his success Gulziya sees great merit of the family. "Without the help of my family, I have not...
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  • Plot care loves

    Plot care loves

    Salamatova Rahat Sayasievna engaged in growing vegetables and herbs. It owns five hectares of land in the village Sokuluk Chui oblast - 20 acres already occupied seven greenhouses. Now in its greenhouses are seven people who follow the vegetables and herbs: tomatoes, cucumbers, cabbage, bell pepper. Despite the fact that the volume of farmed products is small, in the expansion plan,...
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  • Everything comes in time to those who wait

    Everything comes in time to those who wait

    Bekzhanova Nurbubu cooperating with our company since the opening of the company. The client lives with his family in with. Bor-Bash Ak-Suu district. Nazbubueje sells meat on the market Ak-Tilek Karakol in the meat hall. She has three sons, whom she had zhenila. The husband of the client is engaged in agriculture and animal husbandry, as well as helping business. Nazbubueje has extensive...
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  • Industry is the keystone of prosperity….

    Industry is the keystone of prosperity….

    Akhmatov Mirlan Abdimitalipovich has his own shop “Arzan” in Osh where he sells consumer goods as well as leases out the premises.  The shop is located along the road “Osh-Alai Osh” where goods (food) can be easily and quickly sold.  He has been engaged in trade since 20 years old and he is an expert in this field. The client is married, his wife...
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  • Do something that you fit!

    Do something that you fit!

    Mairambek Shabdanaliev was born in Naryn oblast in a family of shepherds.  After graduating from the university after the Soviet Union collapse Mairambek decided to go into animal husbandry and agriculture.  He held land on lease, grew potatoes and breed cattle.  When his children grew up Mairambek decided to take his first loan in the amount of KGS 150 thousand.  Thus he...
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  • Almagul’s GoldenHands…

    Almagul’s GoldenHands…

    Once Almagul Derkembaeva worked as a seamstress.  And she dreamed about establishing her own sewing workshop and providing her children with a good education. The young woman has five children.  In order to put children on their feet Almagul worked tirelessly.  Working as a seamstress for 10 years Almagul decided to open her own sewing workshop at home.  In May 2013...
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