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Akhmatov Mirlan Abdimitalipovich has his own shop “Arzan” in Osh where he sells consumer goods as well as leases out the premises.  The shop is located along the road “Osh-Alai Osh” where goods (food) can be easily and quickly sold.  He has been engaged in trade since 20 years old and he is an expert in this field.

The client is married, his wife Akhmatova Begimai Mamazikirovna works as a teacher in the secondary school named after K. Mombekov, she teaches the Kyrgyz language and literature.  The client and his wife spend all their free time in own kitchen garden.  They grow fruits and vegetables necessary for daily sustenance.  Since the client is the oldest in the family he takes care of his parents, helps them in every possible way.  Neighbors and friends of Mirlan speak about him in a positive way.

Mirlan is the father of two children.  His sons Aktan and Maksat are schoolchildren.

The client has been cooperating with the Company since 2012.  Mirlan Abdimitalipovich increased his turnover in the shop, finished building the house by means of funds received.

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