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Turdajiev Talantbek


We want to buy household appliances in amount of KGS 40 000.

Husband’s salary is KGS15000, and I work in the sewing workshop part-time, we have no statements. I am registered in the city and my husband in Issyk-Kul. We have a guarantor.


Hello, this amount is available to customers without collateral. Salary loan (mandatory: salary statement, proof of residence and a guarantor with the same documents, consent of the wife (husband) if married). Under this loan we give up to KGS 50 000 without collateral. Interest rate is 2.9% per month.

After providing all of the above documents you can form an application. Consideration will take 2 days.

Mairambekov Bakyt

Hello!!! I would like to take KGS 30000!!! Without collateral?!


Hello, you can take a “salary loan” without collateral. For this, you need to provide the following documents:

  • passport
  • proof of residence
  • salary statement for the last 6 months
  • 1 guarantor (passport, proof of residence, salary statement for the last 6 months)

We are located at the following address: 155-3, Kiev Str. (cross. Turusbekov Str.), Bishkek.

Consideration will take 1 day.

Asylbekova Aikanysh

Hello, I need KGS 330,000, collateral - house of 3 rooms, 20 ares of land, and it is located 20km from the city. I have a work but I cannot provide any statements.


Hello, you can take the “no income verification loan” according to your data there is still a need to clarify your income, purpose of the loan (what it will be used for). Our specialists will analyze your income. You can contact us by phone:

  • (0312) 39 16 34,
  • 0550 39 16 34
  • 0772 39 6 34
Derkembaeva Gulyaiym

Hello, what should I do if I have no possibility to provide you with a certificate of employment and salary statement? But I am able to repay the loan. Even among friends there are no people who can be my guarantor because they cannot provide you with any documents either and but they have work. Can I get a loan in amount of KGS15,000? I will provide you with all the documents: ID-passport, foreign passport and proof of residence! Answer, please! I urgently need the money!


Hello, your income can be indirectly confirmed, for example, through the receipts of payment (the money transfer systems), the recent purchase of expensive home appliances with checks, the furniture, the very fresh home improvements, the foreign passport with marks on constant traveling abroad and others. For a further advice, please, contact: 155-3, Kiev Str. (cross. Turusbekov Str.), Bishkek, or call:

  • 0(312) 39 16 34,
  • 0550 39 16 34,
  • 0772 39 16 34

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